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Urgent Road Test

P.S. Learner’s Permit is Required for All Ages!

(We Accept Walk-in Road Test. First Come First Serve)

Students obtained Learner’s Permit via Teens Drivers Ed program, must meet below documents requirements:

  Eligibility/Documents Requirements:

  •     • A valid learner license (had it for a minimum of six months)
  •     • Evidence of Completion of  Drivers Ed (32 hrs class + 14 hrs of  behind-the-wheel training):
    •     • Driving School Students -Obtain DE-964 – issued by the driving school.
    •     • Online Driver Education -Obtain DE-964 from online course provider.
    •     • Parent Taught Students -Obtain PTDE-964 from PT course provider.
  •    • Verification of Enrollment (V.O.E) – Obtained from High School, expires 30 days from issuance (required for student age under 18 only).
  •    • Completed Impact Texas Teen Driver Program (ITTD) offered online. Printed certificate required on the day of the Road Test.
  •    • Completed 30 Hours Parent Driving Log. Click Here to print the 30 hours log.

Cost of Driving Test is $ 80

  •    • 1 attempt Only (Same day 2nd attempt $ 50 / Any other day $ 45)
  •    • School Car can be Rented for each road test only $25.
Students Obtained Learner’s Permit via 6 hours Adult Permit Class or took Permit Test at DPS(Age 18 & up), must meet below document requirements:

 Eligibility/Documents Requirements:

  Cost of Driving Test is $80.00:

  •   • 1 attempt Only (Same day 2nd attempt $50 / Any othr day $45)
  •   • School Car can be Rented for each road test only $25



Urgent Road Test For
All Ages

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*If you are under 18 have completed a Teen, online or parent taught driver Ed program, you must watch the Teen Impact Video Before Road Test. (ITTD)

*If you are 18+ you must watch the Impact Texas Young Drivers Video Before The Road Test. (ITYD)

Click the image to view the video:

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